Tifway 419 Bermuda is a dense,  fine textured, low-growing grass with a deep root system.  Considered a vigorous grower, Tifway 419 establishes itself extremely quick adding to the benefits of its applications.

This warm season turf grass requires full sun, and has excellent heat tolerance up to 110 degrees, wear resistance and will recover quickly if damaged.  It has excellent cold and drought tolerance.  Its disease resistant qualities will help add many years to the life of your turf grass with less maintenance requirements.

Tifway 419 is dormant during the winter with rapid generation during the spring and summer seasons.  It is widely used on golf courses, sports fields, and commercial and residential lawns.


  • Has exceptional wear tolerance making it a great surface for fairways, athletic fields, high traffic areas and residential lawns.
  • Disease tendency is relatively low.
  • Adapts easily to varying climates and soil types.


  • Requires more maintenance (mowing and fertilization) than other warm season varieties.
  • Unable to tolerate shade.
  • Creeps into flower beds, curbs and sidewalks.
Caring for Bermuda

Wear Resistance

How resistant is the grass to normal usage?

Wear Recovery

How quickly will the grass repair itself?

Drought Tolerance

How much drought will the grass tolerate before wilting?

Drought Recovery

How quickly will the grass recover once it experiences drought?

Heat Tolerance

How much heat can the grass endure?

Cold Tolerance

How much cold can the grass endure?

Shade Tolerance

How much shade can the grass endure?

Disease/Insect Resistant

How resistant is the grass to insects and disease?

*Chart is based on the comparison of varieties we produce and sell at Carolina Fresh Farms. Individual climate and soil type will affect the performance of each variety. Please call any one of our six retail outlets located throughout South Carolina for more information.