Carolina Blue II Fescue Characteristics

Carolina Blue Fescue is a blend of top rated tall fescue varieties and heat-tolerant bluegrass.  Ideal for the foothills of South Carolina and North Carolina, Caroline Blue II Fescue has good drought and tolerance.

Carolina Fresh Blue II was designed to provide exceptional color and density. Blue II contains 70% turf-type tall fescue of two  varieties and 30% Kentucky bluegrass of two varieties. Bluegrass has seen amazing  advancements in recent years and offers  excellent drought recovery and a deep green color during the cooler months of late winter.

“I tilled [my lawn] and seeded this past October with Carolina Blue II Fescue and have followed your premium program. Thank you for all of your great service and advice at Carolina Fresh Farms! It’s really nice to get advice from you guys, especially for someone like myself that is a “do it yourself” kinda guy.”  -M. Dillard, Greenville, SC

Wear Resistance

How resistant is the grass to normal usage?

Wear Recovery

How quickly will the grass repair itself?

Drought Recovery

How quickly will the grass recover once it experiences drought?

Drought Tolerance

How much drought will the grass tolerate before wilting?

Heat Tolerance

How much heat can the grass endure?

Cold Tolerance

How much cold can the grass endure?

Shade Tolerance

How much shade can the grass endure?

Disease/Insect Resistant

How resistant is the grass to insects and disease?

*Chart is based on the comparison of varieties we produce and sell at Carolina Fresh Farms. Individual climate and soil type will affect the performance of each variety. Please call any one of our six retail outlets located throughout South Carolina for more information.