Fertilizing Your Lawn

Fertilizing is essential to achieving a healthy, green lawn.  Your grass type Maintenance-3will dictate when and how often you should apply fertilizer to your lawn.


Pre-emergents are preventive.  When applied properly, pre-emergent fertilizers will prevent annual weeds from invading your lawn.  Pre-emergent should be applied twice a year to prevent summer and winter-growing weeds.

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Post-emergents treat weeds not effectively controlled by pre-emergent herbicides.  These types of herbicides are also excellent for spot treating the lawn or for use on warm season grasses during their dormancy period.

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Straight fertilizers are general purpose fertilization products used throughout the growing season.  Several products are available.

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Lawn disease such as fungus can be prevented and treated.  Fungicide is designed to prevent and cure several lawn diseases such as Brown Patch.

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With the more recent mild winters, insect damage to the lawn has become more prevalent.  There are several insecticides available for the control of surface insects such as imported fire ants and armyworms and root feeding insects such as mole crickets and grubs.

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Top Soil

Determining whether a given soil is acceptable for use in the landscape requires information gathering.  What is the texture of the soil?  Are weeds and other pests visible?  What is the availability?  The cost?

(Depth of topsoil for use on a turf site often becomes a function of cost.  In general, we recommend a minimum of 4″ – preferably 6″ – of uniform soil material for turf establishment.)

Our top soil is lightweight, easy to spread and great for growing.