Maintaining Your Lawn with Pre- and Post-Emergent


Pre-emergent herbicides are designed to prevent the seeds of weeds from germinating.  These herbicides will not kill existing weeds.  Therefore, pre-emergent must be applied before the growth of weeds.

While there are many products available, our horticulturist team recommends using the professional product Barricade.

Barricade will last longer than most other competitor’s products and is far superior to many other products for the control of annual weeds such as crabgrass due to the longer germination period of weeds and high humidity levels in the Southern states.

Both high-nitrogen and low-nitrogen formulations are available.  The time of year and type of grass will direct which formula is best for your particular lawn.

Low Nitrogen Formulation 0-0-15 .38% Barricade

High Nitrogen Formulation


Pre-emergent herbicides will not effectively control broadleaf weeds such as clover and dandelion.  Broadleaf weeds are best treated with a post-emergent fertilizer.  Our horticulturist team recommends Confront 3.

Considered a modern-day weed and feed, Confront 3 is available in both high-nitrogen and low-nitrogen formulations.  The low-nitrogen formulation (0-0-15) is excellent for spot treating your lawn or use on warm season grasses during their dormancy period.

Confront 3 is labeled for sensitive grasses like Centipede and St. Augustine.

Low Nitrogen Formulation 0-0-15 Lockup

High Nitrogen Formulation 19-0-6 Confront 3+ Dimension


A combination of pre-and post-emergent herbicides fertilizes your lawn, prevents annual weeds and controls broadleaf weeds.  We recommend using 19-0-6 Confront 3 + Dimension.