How Much Sod Will You Need?



Mega Roll


Most homeowners generally purchase sod by the PALLET or ROLL. Pallets, however, are the most common, versatile and economical method of purchasing sod for residential applications.

• One (1) pallet of Centipede, Bermuda or Fescue will cover approximately 504 square feet.

• One (1) pallet of Palmetto St. Augustine will cover approximately 400 square feet.

• One (1) pallet of Zoysia will cover approximately 450 square feet.

Sod for a large, open areas, is purchased most efficiently by MEGA ROLL.  To move and install rolls of sod, you will need special equipment.  Carolina Fresh Farms provides a 3 points hitch attachment for tractors for mega rolls.  (Other machinery options are available for transporting and installing mega rolls.)

Calculate the Square Footage of the Area You Plan to Sod