Royal Zoysia Characteristics

Royal Zoysia
Royal Zoysia Landscape

Royal Zoysia grass is a warm season turf noted for its fine texture, excellent green color and lower growth habits.  Royal Zoysia was developed by Texas A&M University and released for sale in 2001 making it one of the newest fine textured zoysia grasses available.  Just like many other zoysia grasses, Royal will grow in partially shaded areas but prefers full sod.  Royal is an excellent choice for a homeowner who wants a well-manicured lawn to compliment their formal landscape.


Royal Zoysia is distinguished from other zoysia grasses by its fine texture, high rhizome and tiller density, excellent salt tolerance, shade tolerance, and rapid regrowth and recovery from damage.  Although Royal can be mowed up to 3″, it will tolerate lower mowing heights down to 1/2″.  It generally has sufficient winter hardiness and is suitable for sports fields, fairways, tee boxes and home lawns.


  • Has excellent fall color retention and early spring green up.
  • Somewhat resistant to disease.
  • Very competitive with weeds.
  • Moderate to low water requirements.


  • Slower growing when compared to other zoysias such as Palisades.
  • Establishes slowly.
  • Although it tolerates drought, Royal will turn brown and go dormant without frequent watering during prolonged dry spells.
Caring for Zoysia
Newly Installed Royal Zoysia

Wear Resistance

How resistant is the grass to normal usage?

Wear Recovery

How quickly will the grass repair itself?

Drought Tolerance

How much drought will the grass tolerate before wilting?

Drought Recovery

How quickly will the grass recover once it experiences drought?

Heat Tolerance

How much heat can the grass endure?

Cold Tolerance

How much cold can the grass endure?

Shade Tolerance

How much shade can the grass endure?

Disease/Insect Resistant

How resistant is the grass to insects and disease?

The following chart is based on the comparison of varieties we produce and sell at Carolina Fresh Farms. Individual climate and soil type will affect the performance of each variety. Please call any one of our six retail outlets located throughout South Carolina for more information.