What is soil sampling?



Images-Soil-Sample-600x400The soil is a reservoir of nutrients important to the health and productivity of lawn and garden plants.  Soil testing is the first step in planning a good fertilizer and lime application program for your lawn.  The results will show you the status of the nutrients of your soil and  your soil’s pH levels – acidity or alkalinity.  (For optimal plant growth, your soil’s pH level should fall between 6.2 and 7.2 on a scale of 1 to 14.  Below normal is acidic; above normal is alkaline.

Understanding your soil’s nutrient and pH levels will help you to know which plants are best suited for your garden.  The results will also show how to remedy your soil problems.  For example, acidic soil may require the application of lime while alkaline soil may require sulfur.  You also will be able to monitor nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium that are needed for plant growth, color and blooming.

In short, fertilizer applications are dependent not only on the time of year but also a soil sample.  And, most major problems such as disease, weed encroachment and drought damage can be avoided by routinely checking your lawn for preliminary signs of trouble and educating yourself on your specific type of grass.

To learn more about our FREE SOIL SAMPLING PROGRAM, call our toll-free number  at 1-800-675-7954 or any of our retail outlet locations.

Soil Sampling Q & A

How much does it cost to have my soil tested?

Carolina Fresh Farms offers FEE soil sampling.  We believe in providing our customers with endless knowledge of their lawns. Soil testing allows us the opportunity to provide our customers with the best advice for their lawn.

How much soil do I need to collect?

Your sample should reflect the properties, or micro-environments like full sun or shade, of your entire lawn. To do this, our horticulturist team recommends that you collect several samples from different locations around your lot.

Combined your sample should equal approximately two cups.

Do I need to sample all areas of my yard?

Yes, if your microenvironments are different.  For example, if your front yard gets more sun and your back yard has more shade, then your soil nutrient levels will show a difference and each area would require its own unique treatment.

How often do I need to have my soil tested?

We recommend that you have you soil tested every year.

Is there a certain time of the year when I need to have my soil tested?

Soil samples can be taken any time of the year although we recommend that if you have recently fertilized your soil that you wait.  Pesticide or fertilizer residues will create misleading results.  Also, the soil should not be wet.

Can I have my soil tested at any Carolina Fresh Farms outlet?

Yes.  Any of our six locations throughout the state of South Carolina – Aiken, Anderson-Greenville, Columbia, Charleston-Summerville, Greer-Spartanburg and Rock Hill-Charlotte – can test your soil.  This service is FREE to our customers.

Who processes the soil and reviews the results?

We process your soil at the same labs we use to test our farms.  Once we receive the results, our staff horticulturist will review and make any necessary recommendations.