Palmetto St. Augustine Characteristics

Palmetto St. Augustine grass is an improved variety of common St. Augustine whose origins can be traced back to the Atlantic coastal shores of Africa and the Americas.  Palmetto was developed many years ago for its improved color and texture.  Of all the warm season turf grasses available in the market today, Palmetto is still a leader in shade tolerance.  This coarse texture, vigorously growing grass is an excellent choice for any residential lawn within the Coastal and Midland regions throughout South Carolina.


Palmetto St. Augustine has a brilliant emerald-green color.  The leaf blades are tapered at the tip with a rounded end, and are soft to the touch. Considered a versatile turfgrass, Palmetto performs well in full sun yet thrives in shaded areas where other grasses fail.  Palmetto St. Augustine will grow in a variety of soil types and climate conditions.  It can tolerate below frost temperatures and will hold fall and winter color longer than other St. Augustine cultivars, Bermuda or Centipede.  Its massive root system makes it drought tolerant once established.

The Palmetto St. Augustine variety boasts genetic purity and preservation. Only licensed turfgrass producers are authorized to grow Palmetto for sale.  All licensed Palmetto production is monitored through ongoing quality control and quality assurance programs.


  • Considered a low maintenance grass.
  • Extremely tolerant of shade.
  • Is tolerant of drought (once established).
  • Its deep, massive root system allows for easy transplantation.
  • Holds fall and winter color longer than other St. Augustine varieties, Bermuda and Centipede.
  • Competitive against weeds.


  • Becomes thin under dense shade conditions.
  • Needs weekly watering until established.
  • Susceptible to certain insects like chinch bugs and disease like gray leaf spot.
Caring for St. Augustine

Wear Resistance

How resistant is the grass to normal usage?

Wear Recovery

How quickly will the grass repair itself?

Drought Tolerance

How much drought will the grass tolerate before wilting?

Drought Recovery

How quickly will the grass recover once it experiences drought?

Heat Tolerance

How much heat can the grass endure?

Cold Tolerance

How much cold can the grass endure?

Shade Tolerance

How much shade can the grass endure?

Disease/Insect Resistant

How resistant is the grass to insects and disease?

*Chart is based on the comparison of varieties we produce and sell at Carolina Fresh Farms. Individual climate and soil type will affect the performance of each variety. Please call any one of our six retail outlets located throughout South Carolina for more information.