Hardscaping with Pavers


Stone Firepit-No BackgroundBuilding a paved patio, walkway or other features such as a stone fire pit or retaining wall is a great way to add depth and appeal to an otherwise plain yard.  However, before deciding on anything, it’s important to know your options from material choice to color selection, size, shape and pattern.  Before making your final selection, be sure the type of paver you choose will work with your particular project.  Some pavers are more suitable for certain applications and not so much for others.  For example, pavers used for a driveway compared to garden pavers need to be strong and durable.


Natural Stone Pavers

FlagstoneNatural stone is an ideal paving material.  It is durable, strong and can withstand any climate. Available in a variety of colors, sizes and shapes, natural stone can be used in many ways:  garden steps, pathways, patios, driveways, pool surrounds and garden borders.


Concrete Pavers

City-Stone-9Manufactured to resemble natural stone, concrete pavers are generally less expensive, durable, and weather proof.

Pavestone Pavers