General Fertilization

Several products are available for general fertilization of your landscape throughout the growing season. Our horticulturist team recommends the following:

Woodace products are slow release and designed for ornamental plants.  The 12-3-6 Woodace formulation is for acid loving plants such as Azaleas. 

There are three basic formulations for the lawn.  The 16-25-12 provides extra phosphorous for increased root growth.  This type of product is commonly referred to as starter fertilizer.

The 25-0-12 formulation contains IBDU nitrogen.  IBDU does not require warm temperatures to release; therefore, this product will keep your Carolina Blue fescue lawn greener during the winter months when most fertilizers will not work.

Our most advanced fertilizer product is certainly 20-0-25 formulation which contains EXPO.  EXPO is slow release Potassium.  In the Southern states, Potassium is either unavailable in a clay soil or leaches quickly in a sandy soil.  Potassium is crucial for the survival of your lawn through extreme conditions such as drought or the cold winter months.

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12-3-6 Woodace

14-14-14 Woodace

20-0-5 Expo

16-25-12 25% Meth Ex 40

25-0-12 34% CRN MESA + IBDU