Dark green in color, Palisades Zoysia is a vegetatively produced, medium broad textured, high density turf noted for its shade tolerance and low water use requirements.  Developed by Texas A&M University to withstand drought, Palisades has proven itself to be an excellent choice for low-maintenance landscapes.  With its low light requirements, Palisades has also proven itself useful when addressing shady areas in the landscape.  Palisades Zoysia is an ideal choice for residential and commercial sites throughout South Carolina.


Palisades Zoysia has a medium texture leaf which stands upright similar to tall fescue.  This upright growth allows for mowing heights from 3″ down to 1/2″ for applications such as golf tee boxes.  Due to the aggressive rhizomes of this variety, it will thrive in a wide variety of soil profiles found throughout the Carolinas and Georgia.  Palisades is suitable from full sun to partial shade.


  • Excellent drought and heat tolerance.
  • Aggressive establishment and regrowth.
  • Excellent color retention even under low fertility maintenance.
  • Good fall color retention.
  • Good to excellent salt tolerance making Palisades suitable for Coastal lawns.
  • Good disease and insect resistance.  Moderately resistant to Rhizoctonia diseases such as large patch.


  • Not as aggressive as other warm season grasses.
  • Must be vegetatively propagated.  There is no seed available therefore this increases the establishment cost.
  • Will go dormant during the winter.
  • Slower transition in spring when compared to Tifway 419 Bermuda.
Caring for Zoysia
3 Days After Installation
Newly Installed Palisades Zoysia

Wear Resistance

How resistant is the grass to normal usage?

Wear Recovery

How quickly will the grass repair itself?

Drought Tolerance

How much drought will the grass tolerate before wilting?

Drought Recovery

How quickly will the grass recover once it experiences drought?

Heat Tolerance

How much heat can the grass endure?

Cold Tolerance

How much cold can the grass endure?

Shade Tolerance

How much shade can the grass endure?

Disease/Insect Resistant

How resistant is the grass to insects and disease?

*Chart is based on the comparison of varieties we produce and sell at Carolina Fresh Farms. Individual climate and soil type will affect the performance of each variety. Please call any one of our six retail outlets located throughout South Carolina for more information.