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Here at Carolina Fresh Farms, we’ve put a lot of thought, time and effort into creating fertilization programs for the most popular types of grasses. Proper nutrition is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of lawn care, and we’re taking the guesswork out of choosing a program that will best suit the needs of your yard.


When it comes to caring for bermudagrass, nitrogen is the key. Bermuda needs more nitrogen throughout the growing season than most other grasses in the Southeast. Too much nitrogen will cause an abundance of top growth which can become problematic, so choosing a high quality product like 20-0-25 EXPO is a wise choice. Learn more about bermuda care and maintenance here.


A centipede fertilization regimen is the most simple as it needs very little nutrition to remain healthy. In fact, the latest research reveals that the qualms many homeowners have with their centipede lawns (such as delayed spring green-up, dead spots) are likely caused by overfertilization. All that is needed is about two pounds of nitrogen per growing season. Learn more about centipede care and maintenance here.


Proper fertilization of a fescue lawn requires phosphorus for quick rooting, 6-11-1- 7% for healthy green color, and spring fertilizers to prevent crabgrass and provide nutrients. Our premium plan was designed to ensure that your fescue lawn thrives during each season of the year. Learn more about fescue care and maintenance here.

St. Augustine

Because St. Augustine grass is prone to problems during growing season like fungus and brown spot, it’s important to fully understand what is safe and unsafe when it comes to nutrition for St. Augustine grass. We recommend rotating between a few premium fertilizers in early fall and using 6-1-11 7% Fe during late summer to satisfy the unique needs of St. Augustine varieties. Learn more about St. Augustine care and maintenance here.


A zoysia lawn requires minimal fertilization, but it is important to select the appropriate formula and form for best results. Quick release fertilizers are to be avoided as they tend to yield excessive top growth and cause thatch accumulation. Our detailed fertilization program for zoysia lawns includes product and seasonal timing recommendations. Learn more about zoysia care and maintenance here.

Need More Help?

While Carolina Fresh Farms is happy to provide online care and maintenance guides, we also happily offer our expertise both by phone and in any one of our seven brick and mortar locations. Fertilization is the area of lawn maintenance that intimidates and confuses homeowners most, but it doesn’t have to be that way! The proper understanding of what fertilizers your lawn needs and when is our specialty, and we look forward to assisting you soon.

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