Fall Weed Control with Pre-Emergent Herbicide Applications


Fall is here and temperatures are beginning to drop. It’s time to prepare your lawn for cooler weather and the winter weeds that are sure to come with it. Poa annua, a tall, stalky weed often mistaken for Kentucky bluegrass, which crops up in patches, is a classic winter weed that homeowners are constantly fighting off among others such as chickweed and henbit. Read more about winter weeds here.

While it is tempting to give lawn care a break during cooler months, don’t let winter weeds run rampant in your yard when prevention is simple and will save the headache of having to deal with the issue at a later date.

There are two different types of herbicides—a post-emergent and a pre-emergent. A post-emergent is designed to control weeds you are currently experiencing. A pre-emergent herbicide is exactly what its name implies: an herbicide that prevents weeds from growing in the first place. Weeds are much easier to deal with before they become an issue, which is why we recommend that our customers use a pre-emergent before weeds are able to take hold in a lawn.

We recommend an application of a fertilizer/pre-emergent mix that is a 0-0-7 with 0.38% Prodiamine sometime between October 1st–21st ideally (we carry this product in our stores). This pre-emergent formula is combined with a fertilizer so that your lawn reaps twice the benefits. This granular product can be easily applied with a broadcast or drop spreader at the appropriate rate stated on the product label. Be sure to check out our grass specific maintenance guides for more tips and product recommendations for the fall season here.

For more information about how to apply a pre-emergent herbicide to ensure a healthy yard all winter, please call or visit one of our Carolina Fresh Farms outlets. We would love to walk you through the appropriate products, application methods and recommendations for the conditions of your specific lawn. We look forward to serving you!

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