Pavers and Wall Systems in South Carolina

Outdoor Living

Looking to increase the living area at your home? With our temperate climate, building a paved patio, walkway or other features, such as an outdoor kitchen or additional living area, is a great way to incorporate appeal and value to an otherwise blank space.

Choosing the right product for you can be tricky. Every manufacturer has different styles and colors. By partnering with Keystone, Tremron and Unilock, we can provide a wide range of products to fit every style and budget.

Before making your final selection, be sure the type of material you choose will work with your project. Some colors and designs are more suitable for certain applications and not so much for others. For example, pavers used for a driveway, compared to garden pavers, need to be strong and durable. We are here to help you through this process to make as easy possible.

Every manufacturer will have a style that works within your vision and budget to give you that extra space that can be used year-round.

Concrete Pavers

Manufactured to resemble natural stone, concrete pavers are generally less expensive, durable and weatherproof. They can range in color options from mixed coloring to bring in variations within each block to solid colors for the more traditional look.

With our trained staff and relationships with the top designers and installers in the area, we can work with your new build or remodel to get you the space that best fits our needs and lifestyle.

Have a swimming pool? Who wants a boring concrete deck that can burn your feet when you can have a pool area that can provide form and function? Why have a boring concrete or asphalt driveway when you can add curb appeal by installing a paver driveway and walkway. Concrete pavers can be used in patios, driveways, walkways and pool decks. Texture can range from smooth to heavily textured.

Wall Systems

Have you ever dreamed of fall and winter nights sitting outside by the fireplace? Wanted to entertain in your outdoor kitchen while friends and neighbors admire your outdoor space?

This is where wall systems can help you. Wall systems are not just for retaining walls. While retaining walls can serve to add levels of living and protecting your yard against erosions, they can also be used to create a unique space to call your own by creating cabinets and countertops and creating a sense of privacy within your back yard. Use wall systems to create an additional raised tanning deck that will make your home the place to be.

Ready to Get Started?

We know that the process of designing and planning a new space can be very overwhelming. Contact one of our specialists today so we can get you started on your new outdoor home. We are currently partner with Keystone, Tremron and Unilock to assure we can offer you the widest range of selection in the country.

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