Ways to Transform Your Lawn with Hardscape Projects


Interested in sprucing up your home lawn and garden? A lush lawn and flourishing garden isn’t everything that makes or breaks a landscape. Hardscapes are also a great way to make your home even more captivating. Check out some ideas below and be sure to visit your local Carolina Fresh Farms outlet for supplies. 

Each of our outlets has the ability to custom order in rock or deliver the rock to you. Call in advance to find out what is in stock or exact options available. Contact Us

1. A Cascading, Natural Waterfall

If you really enjoy relaxing in your backyard, you can transform it into a meditative oasis with the sounds of a natural waterfall. Stone waterfalls can be assembled with our assortment of stones that can be used and pieced together to create a natural waterfall. We offer North Carolina and Tennessee Flagstone, Crab Orchard Stepping Stones, Turkish Trarvertine Tiles, Creek Stone, River Rock, Squirrel Creek Stone and even the flatter Finger Boulders. Lounge nearby with a great book and a glass of iced-lemonade on a gorgeous afternoon. 

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2. Landscape Lighting

Illuminate your home landscape with landscape lighting! Whether you’re looking to add a little light to walkways, uplight your home or add a little shimmer around the swimming pool, Carolina Fresh Farms has what you need. This inexpensive addition will surely light up your landscape for a beautiful glow at night.

3. Shaded Patios

Do you enjoy a little shade during the summer season? Building a shaded patio is a great way to unwind even on the warmest of summer evenings. Carolina Fresh Farms carries a wide supply of pavers and hardscape products for patio projects. Choose from Keystone or Tremron. We have a full line of natural stone products for more natural looking outdoor landscapes. Add a few lounging chairs, sun umbrellas and a firepit to create a comfortable area in your backyard for you and your guests. Take a look at the below photo to see one of our patio and fire pit projects.

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4. Outdoor Dining Spot

Along with a patio, another fun addition to your home landscape is a space to dine. If you enjoy outdoor BBQs and grilling, this option is for you! Create an outdoor cooktop area and grill your favorite dishes with a nearby dining table where guests await your delicious meal. Use a large umbrella, pergola, constructed overhangs or an awning to shelter your food from weather. 

5. Stone Walkway

A walkway is a great way to get to different areas of your yard without trudging through mud or walking on your gorgeous lawn. Walkways can be created to help you get from your driveway to the front door, go from the front yard to the back yard, walk from your back door to an outdoor dining area or patio or to create a luxurious walk through your garden. Stepping stone walkways can be made out of many types of different stones. Learn more about what Carolina Fresh Farms offers or contact us with any questions.

These are just a few of many outdoor hardscape projects you can create to upgrade and enjoy your home landscape to its fullest potential. Our Carolina Fresh Farms staff are more than happy to answer any questions and guide you through the process. 

Each of our outlets has the ability to custom order in rock or deliver the rock to you. Call in advance to find out what is in stock or exact options available. Contact Us.

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