How Soil Science Can Boost Your Lawn & Garden


Here at Carolina Fresh Farms, we work from the ground up to grow beautiful, thriving plants. Soil health plays a huge role in the successful development of any vegetation including sod, garden beds, shrubs, trees and even potted plants. The soil in which your plants grow determines the health and vigor of any plant because its health is greatly affected by its environment. Carolina Fresh Farms features Soil Science, an all organic composted garden soil that boosts soil health throughout your lawn and landscape.

The Importance of Soil Health

There are various types of soils throughout the United States. Some may have a lot of clay in them, while others are too sandy, loamy or stony.

However, the hidden ingredient in your soil’s health are the organisms within it. These include small animals, worms, insects and microbes. Organic matter consists of the partially decomposed remains of these soil organisms and plant life; it also serves to feed these microorganisms. Lastly, organic matter will create pores and granules within your soil, which allows for air and water to move through the soil. With that being said, organic matter is absolutely essential to your soil’s health.

About Soil Science

Carolina Fresh Farm’s Soil Science supports nature’s way of boosting the soil in your lawn, garden beds, shrubs, trees and potted plants. As an all organic composted garden soil, Soil Science is full of natural nutrients that permit proper drainage when soil conditions are too wet. It also helps with moisture containment when the climate is too dry. Lastly, it improves your soil’s health by providing it with the nutrients your plants need.

Sold in (1) one cubic yard bags, Soil Science is Carolina Fresh Farm’s exclusive brand. Soil Science is sold at $149.99 per cubic yard. Our Soil Science is in high demand. Order yours soon to avoid having to wait for it to be restocked. Be sure to contact us, call one of our seven locations or view our informational PDF for more information. 

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