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How to Get Started with Retaining Walls

A retaining wall is defined as a wall that is built to keep the land behind it from ...
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Fall Weed Control with Pre-Emergent Herbicide Applications

It’s hard to believe that summer is already coming to a close and that fall is on our ...
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Fire Pit Fun This Fall

If 2020 has taught us anything about our homes and the way we live, it’s this: functional, enjoyable ...
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How to Control Grub Worms

You may have noticed some unwelcome changes in your lawn like brown patches and unhealthy looking grass lately; ...
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Early Fall Fungus Control

The end of summer and beginning of fall create the perfect conditions for fungus outbreaks in your home ...
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Watering 101

Many of the questions that homeowners have for us here at Carolina Fresh Farms revolve around when, how ...
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Laying Sod: A How-To Guide

Sod installation and establishment isn’t a one-day project. Once you’ve decided which sod is best for your yard ...
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Carolina Fresh Farms Fertilization Programs

Here at Carolina Fresh Farms, we’ve put a lot of thought, time and effort into creating fertilization programs ...
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Carolina Fresh Farms Summerville Outlet

We want to warmly welcome you to our Carolina Fresh Farms Summerville Outlet. As one of seven locations ...
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Which Sod is Best For Your Yard?

Thinking of re-sodding your lawn? In order to choose the best grass, there are a handful of important ...
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How to Use a Spreader

One of the most commonly used outdoor tools for lawns and gardens is a broadcast granular spreader that ...
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Tips and Ideas to Prepare Your Lawn for Spring

Spring has arrived in South Carolina and Carolina Fresh Farms can help you get your lawn looking great ...
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