Tips for Dealing with Fall Leaves

Tips for Dealing with Fall Leaves

The fall season is filled with cooler weather, colors changing in leaves, cider and more, but it can quickly turn into a disaster if fall leaves on your lawn aren’t managed properly. Read on for more information about handling fallen leaves.

Why Fall Leaves Are Problematic

Fall leaves can be pretty and especially fun to jump into for kids. When they’re spread out across the lawn, however, it keeps sunlight from reaching the grass. At the same time, it creates spots of shade throughout the lawn and traps moisture. This in turn promotes disease outbreaks that can harm your lawn.

How to Manage Fall Leaves

There are several ways you can handle fallen leaves in your lawn:

  • Rake them into piles and then bag them
  • Use a blower to blow them off of your lawn
  • Use a lawn mower to mulch over the leaves and create a healthy layer of compost for your lawn

How to Handle Any Problems Fall Leaves Present

In the worst-case scenario, fallen leaves can create disease outbreaks throughout your landscape due to the lack of sunlight and trapped moisture. Carolina Fresh Farms carries effective fungicides such as Armada, Headway, Eagle and Pillar that can prevent and treat turfgrass disease. Armada 50 WDG comes in water-dispersible granules that require mixing with water and application using a backpack sprayer. Alternatively, you can opt for granular products like Headway, Eagle and Pillar, which require spreading using an appropriate spreader.

Sometimes it’s helpful to rotate through some of these products to keep disease from building any sort of resistance to a fungicide and to keep from exposing the disease to one particular product. 

There may be a need for a second fungicide application. Typically, fungicides remain active in the soil for approximately 21–28 days. If your lawn previously experienced a disease outbreak, pathogens might still be present in the soil, especially after extended periods of rainfall within the initial 21–28 days. If rainfall has been limited, the fungicide’s efficacy may last longer.

Stop by one of your local Carolina Fresh Farms outlets to speak with lawn care professionals or contact us with any questions. For more information on lawn care, refer to our care guides or blog.

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