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Early Fall Fungus Control

The end of summer and beginning of fall create the perfect conditions for fungus outbreaks in your home ...
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August Lawn Care Schedule

You may have already performed maintenance on your lawn during the summer, but there are still some things ...
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Watering 101

Many of the questions that homeowners have for us here at Carolina Fresh Farms revolve around when, how ...
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Sod Webworms: How to Identify and Control

Have you ever noticed caterpillars crawling around in your lawn? Although some may eventually turn into pretty butterflies, ...
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7 Common Summer Insects In Your Lawn and Garden

Many of us look forward to the warm summer days filled with going to the beach, hosting cookouts ...
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Keep Disease Out of Your Lawn This Spring

Homeowners often anticipate the end of winter and the coming of spring as their lawns and gardens come ...
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Spring Weed Control with Pre-Emergent Herbicide Applications

When it comes to weed prevention in home lawns, nothing is quite as effective as a pre-emergent herbicide. ...
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5 Common Winter Weeds to Look Out For

Although the amount of lawn maintenance during the winter is greatly reduced, unfortunately, it’s an opportune time for ...
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How to Prepare Your Lawn for Winter

If you see falling leaves and light rainfalls, then the chilly season is right around the corner. Although ...
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Fire Pit Ideas For Your Landscape

One of our favorite ways to pass an evening is around a cozy outdoor fire pit. A fire ...
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Fall Fertilizer Programs for Your Lawn

The summer is over and we’re finally entering the fall season. Although temperatures won’t be as warm and ...
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How to Identify and Control Moles

After establishing a healthy, flourishing lawn, it can be quite devastating to discover pests in your beautiful yard. ...
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