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Tips to Keep Your Summer Lawn in Shape

For many homeowners, summer is the busiest season for maintaining healthy lawns. Not only does grass grow faster ...
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7 Patio and Outdoor Grilling Ideas

Summer isn’t far off and many of us are looking forward to warm days spent in the pool ...
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How to Control Thatch in Your Lawn

What is Thatch? Thatch is a layer of organic matter that accumulates between the grass blades and the ...
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The Benefits of Aerating Your Lawn

When the topic of lawn aeration arises, many of us begin to think about a large piece of ...
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Ways to Transform Your Lawn with Hardscape Projects

Interested in sprucing up your home lawn and garden? A lush lawn and flourishing garden isn’t everything that ...
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How to Prepare and Install Sod

Carolina Fresh Farms has combined over 50 years of production practices along with knowledge from our on staff ...
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Which Mulch and Pine Straw Selections Should I Use for My Lawn?

Many homeowners want to add a bit of color to their lawn and garden. Adding pine straw or ...
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How to Prevent and Kill Crabgrass

Spring is a time for new growth, whether it be your lawn, flower bed or home garden. Unfortunately, ...
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2023 Lawn Care Plans

We’ve finally made it to 2023! The holidays are over and many of us are returning to work ...
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Tips for Controlling Poa Annua

Poa annua, also known as annual bluegrass, is one of the most common weeds on lawns. With an ...
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Fall Weed Control with Pre-Emergent Herbicide Applications

Fall is here and temperatures are beginning to drop. It’s time to prepare your lawn for cooler weather ...
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Early Fall Fungus Control

The end of summer and beginning of fall create the perfect conditions for fungus outbreaks in your home ...
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