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Watering 101


Many of the questions that homeowners have for us here at Carolina Fresh Farms revolve around when, how often and how much to water their lawns. In order for a lawn and surrounding plants, shrubs, trees and bushes to thrive, they must be properly watered. Summertime is the one of the most important seasons to pay attention to your yard; especially in our steamy South Carolina climate. 

When & How Often to Water

Timing is important when it comes to watering your yard. During summer months, watering your yard is recommended daily, especially if there is no rain in the forecast. Avoid running the irrigation in the heat of the day; it is best to water either in the early morning or late afternoon. This ensures that the grass, plants and trees that are receiving the water have the time to drink it in before it is evaporated. On extremely hot, sunny days when there hasn’t been rainfall in some time, it may be appropriate to water both in the morning and afternoon—a simple sight/touch investigation into the level of moisture in the soil can act as your guide.

How Much to Water

When it comes to the amount of water your yard needs, a good rule of thumb is to let the irrigation system run for about 20 minutes at a time. Take advantage of the 20 minutes that the irrigation system runs and use a hose to give special attention to any plants, trees or shrubs that may need attention. Note that when it comes to different kinds of plants, there are often different watering recommendations, so be sure to know which plants will need a little more or a little less water. In many cases, albeit not all, common sense is the best guide to determining how much water grass and other plants need. Avoid flooding and standing water and be sure to spot check different areas to be sure that there is always some level of moisture present—if not, more water is likely required. 

A handy mobile app that we like to recommend to our customers called Planta is a great resource for helping to care for your yard. Features like notifications that serve as reminders on when to water and care instructions are all helpful tools to keep plants alive and thriving. 
Still have questions about waterning? Wondering which grasses are drought resistant and require less water? Feel free to contact us directly. Here at Carolina Fresh Farms, we are dedicated to providing you with the best products and resources to make the yard of your dreams a reality. Education is key to maintaining a thriving yard, and our experts are excited to help answer your questions and troubleshoot the areas that are causing problems. We look forward to serving you soon.

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