How to Control Grub Worms


You may have noticed some unwelcome changes in your lawn like brown patches and unhealthy looking grass lately; this time of year, the culprit could very well be a grub infestation. Oftentimes, this gets confused with hot spots or lawn disease, so being able to identify a grub worm problem before making plans of action or purchasing products is helpful. Today, we are sharing why a grub problem is one you’ll want to address quickly and effectively and how to rid your lawn of these harmful pests.

Why Grub Worms are a Problem For Your Lawn

During late summer and early fall, grubs may begin to hatch from eggs below the surface of your lawn. Grubs are the larvae of an assortment of beetles and typically lay eggs around July or August each summer. During the 2–4 week period in which beetles lay eggs, each bug produces anywhere from 40–60 eggs that go on to hatch and inhabit the soil beneath the grass. The grubs need nutrients to grow, and begin to search for organic matter to feast on. Unfortunately, your sod is the first thing they will come across, and the grass is likely to quickly become their main food source.

As grubs begin to feed on sod, large, dry-looking, patchy brown areas will appear. A little digging around will reveal the white, wormy looking culprits. If visible damage is present in the grass, you should have no problem finding the grubs to confirm the infestation. After you’ve confirmed that you do indeed have a grub problem, don’t stress. There are ways to get rid of the pests, but you will want to act quickly to prevent further damage to your lawn.

Grub Control

The best way to control grubs is to do so preventatively, that is, to get ahead of the problem before it arises. To do this effectively, pre-treating grubs in the spring through mid-summer is most ideal. If you are dealing with a grub problem and need a curative solution, we highly recommend 0-0-7 Acelepryn. This professional-grade pesticide made for homeowner use knocks out not only grubs but also a wide variety of other pests like fall armyworms. Using a broadcast spreader, simply apply the product to your lawn, garden and perimeter of your home for results. It can also serve as a preventative for grub worms and other pests. Contact us to find out if 0-0-7 Acelepryn is offered at a Carolina Fresh Farms location near you.

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