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All of our mulch products are made in SC. Mulch is made from the outside bark and edges of trees. Lumber mills grind the edges of trees and that by product is what you commercially get at your local stores. After coming from the Lumber Mill, the mulch is usually screened to remove dirt and tiny pieces then put into a grinder that makes the product more uniform. Then the mulch is ready for sale or dyed to enhance the color.

double ground hardwood

Natural Cypress

Cypress is a tree that mostly grows in the coastal swamps of South Carolina. This mulch is very tan in color and will last for a very long time. However, it will bleach in the sun and turn white in 6-9 months.

double ground hardwood

Pine Mulch

Pine mulch is mostly made of pine bark and is a less expensive mulch that has a brown color and medium texture.

double ground hardwood

Double Ground Hardwood

Like the name says, this mulch is made from Hardwood trees and very fine texture being ground twice. This mulch gives you the best composting of all our mulches and will break down faster, especially around flowers. Color is very dark brown, but will bleach within 6 months.

double ground


This mulch is the same natural mulch but dyed. Dying makes for a more uniform color and lasts longer before fading. The extra expense of dyed mulch will save your back in the long run. Color will start to fade in 9-12 months.

red mulch

Red Dyed Mulch

This mulch stands out and will brighten up your landscape.

red mulch 2

brown mulch

Brown Dyed Natural Mulch

Dark brown in color this mulch will last a year without any significant color loss. This is our most popular color.

brown mulch 2

black mulch

Black Dyed Natural Mulch

Dyed black this mulch can look amazing in a variety of landscapes and especially next to lighter colored homes.

black mulch 2


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