Summer Fertilizer Programs for Your Lawn

Summer Fertilizer Programs

The grass is green, the sun is shining and the flowers are blooming! Summer is almost here and with it comes temperatures that are warmer than any other time of the year. Although it’s great to get outside, the summer heat can be stressful on your lawn and garden, so it’s important to follow a proper fertilizer program for your lawn. Carolina Fresh Farms has seasonal fertilizer programs for the most popular grass types for homes lawns. Regardless of if you have a St. Augustine, zoysia, bermuda, fescue or centipede lawn, Carolina Fresh Farms has your lawn’s summer fertilizer requirements covered. Read below to learn more or visit any of our seven locations

St. Augustine Summer Fertilizer Program

St. Augustine’s summer fertilizer requirements prepare it to both battle the heat of the summer and to take on the shift to cooler temperatures in the fall. Starting near the end of June and into the beginning of July (around June 21st–July 1st), Carolina Fresh Farms recommends applying 20-0-25 EXPO at five pounds per 1,000 sq. ft. to provide nitrogen to your St. Augustine. In early to mid-August, use 6-1-11 with 7% Fe (iron) on your St. Augustine. The iron serves to produce green color without creating unnecessary top growth late in the season, which is not encouraged because new growth may not survive the summer heat. These fertilizer recommendations can be applied to most St. Augustines including Palmetto® and Tamstar St. Augustine, which are sold at various Carolina Fresh Farms locations. Download our St. Augustine care guide here for more details about St. Augustine maintenance.

Pictured above: Palmetto St. Augustine

Zoysia Summer Fertilizer Program

Summer fertilizer recommendations for zoysia closely mirror St. Augustine’s fertilizer needs during the warm summer months. Between June 21st and July 1st, you should begin applying 20-0-25 EXPO at five pounds per 1,000 sq. ft. on your zoysia lawn. This provides your zoysia with the required amount of nitrogen the grass needs during the summer months. At the beginning of August (roughly before August 15th), fertilizer applications should be made with a 6-1-11 with 7% Fe (iron) fertilizer to enhance green color without flushing top growth late in the season. Top growth is not encouraged at this time because your grass is under a lot of stress from the heat that new growth may not be able to withstand. Use these same fertilizer recommendations for any type of zoysia including Carolina Fresh Farms’ Palisades, Chisholm and Royal Zoysia. Download our zoysia care guide here for more details about zoysia maintenance.

Pictured above: Palisades Zoysia

Bermuda Summer Fertilizer Program

Bermuda’s fertilizer schedule for the summer somewhat differs from St. Augustine and zoysia. Around the beginning to mid-June, make applications of 20-0-5 EXPO, then apply 25-0-5 with 51% MESA between July 7th and July 21st. This results in a rich, green color without flushing unnecessary top growth in late summer. Lastly, between August 7th and August 21st, make another application of the 25-0-25 EXPO. Any type of bermuda, including our 419 Bermuda, will benefit from this summer fertilizer program. Download our bermuda care guide here for more details about bermuda maintenance.

Pictured above: 419 Bermuda

Fescue Summer Fertilizer Program

Fescue, as a cool season grass compared to warm season grasses like St. Augustine, zoysia, bermuda and centipede, requires a different approach for fertilizer applications during the summer. Instead of 2–3 fertilizer applications, it’s recommended that you apply a 6-1-11 with 7% Fe (iron) fertilizer sometime between June 21st–July 7th. This will produce green color and provide your fescue with the proper balance of nutrients during the warm summer months. Use this fertilizer program on a wide range of fescue cultivars including Carolina Fresh Farms’ Caroline Blue II Fescue. Download our fescue care guide here for more information about fescue maintenance.

Pictured above: Fescue

Centipede Summer Fertilizer Program

Centipede only needs one application of fertilizer during the summer. Carolina Fresh Farms recommends the 6-1-11 with 7% Fe (iron) fertilizer carried throughout our various locations. This fertilizer is a great option because it will make your lawn rich in color so that it remains lush and green for the rest of the summer season. This fertilizer program can be used on Common Centipede. Download our centipede care guide here for more information about centipede maintenance.

Pictured above: Common Centipede

Summer fertilizer programs are different from other times of the active growing season (spring, summer and fall) because it’s the hottest time of the year and causes your lawn a lot of stress. Keeping it fertilized with the right nutrients gives it its best fighting chance to stand up against external stressors like high temperatures, periods of drought or insect pressure. For more information, check out our Sod Care page or contact us.

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