Tips and Ideas to Prepare Your Lawn for Spring


Spring has arrived in South Carolina and Carolina Fresh Farms can help you get your lawn looking great for the months to come. To ensure the health of your lawn, we recommend a few key tips to help your lawn come out of dormancy and flourish in the spring in the article below. Spring is also the ideal season to get some outdoor projects completed before the weather starts to get hot in the summer. Carolina Fresh Farms has a lot of useful tools that can help boost your lawn’s aesthetics at a relatively a low-cost. Read below to see how these helpful tips and project ideas will give your home beautiful curb appeal long past the spring season and all year long.

Care Tips to Prepare for Spring

1. Clean Up Winter Debris on Your Lawn

There are a few things you can do this spring to promote a healthy lawn for the year, and it starts with a thorough spring cleanup. Prior to applying herbicides, fungicides or even the first mow of your lawn, you will want to make sure you clear your lawn of all debris. Since your lawn has been dormant all winter, you probably haven’t had to maintain a lot of leaves, pinecones or twigs that accumulated over the winter months. Plus, with the amount of rain and wind we’ve had in the past few weeks, there will probably be plenty of debris on your lawn that storms have knocked down. Once you have cleared your lawn of all unwanted debris, you can begin working with a clean lawn.

2. Apply a Pre-Emergent Herbicide

Carolina Fresh Farms has granular pre-emergent herbicides that are very effective in preventing weeds from appearing on your lawn. Pre-emergents, as opposed to post-emergents, keep weeds from appearing in the first place. A post-emergent, as its name suggests, controls weeds after they sprouted in your lawn. Prepare for spring by applying a pre-emergent before weeds even start appearing. If you stop by any of our seven store locations, any of our associates can help you with getting the right pre-emergent for your lawn. We have spreaders for you to purchase as well if it’s your first time.
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3. Apply a Pre-Emergent Herbicide

With the rain we’ve been receiving the past few weeks, it is common for fungus to come up in lawns—especially as we transition from winter to spring. Getting ahead of the issue and putting out a fungicide at a preventive rate is never a bad idea if you have specifically low-lying, wet or shady spots on your lawn. Keep in mind that if parts of your lawn were covered with the debris your removed earlier, these spots count as shady areas. 
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Spring Outdoor Project Ideas

Spring is also a great time to get some outdoor projects completed due to the moderate temperatures and overall great weather in South Carolina. Carolina Fresh Farms has a lot of products that can help boost your lawn’s aesthetics with a relatively low-cost. Some projects that can help promote your property’s curb appeal are:

4. Installing New Mulch or Ground Cover:

Adding a fresh coat of mulch to your flower beds or other planting areas can really help your landscapes pop. Whether you want red-dyed mulch, black mulch, brown mulch or just pine straw, Carolina Fresh Farms has it all. Check out your local store for pricing and availability but we can deliver to you or have you pick it up in-store with a truck.
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5. Adding a Patio, Fire Pit or Other Hardscape

Hardscapes are always a great addition to a house for the extra outdoor living space and increase your overall property value. With South Carolina’s desirable climate, you are able to enjoy your outdoor living space almost year-round, so making sure that your space has what it needs is necessary. Carolina Fresh Farms stores can help you with any upcoming project dealing with hardscapes. We have pavers, large boulders and other natural stone that can help transform a standard backyard to an outdoor paradise.

At Carolina Fresh Farms, we have experts in all areas of landscape design, hardscapes, horticulture and overall lawn care. You can visit any one of our seven locations across South Carolina to get in-person recommendations and advice for the best care for your lawn. 
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