Outdoor Hardscape Ideas for Tailgating Season


When it comes to hosting a tailgating party, nothing is quite as enjoyable as the setting of your own backyard. Creating an outdoor entertainment space in your backyard, also known as “homegating”, can enhance your tailgating experience as you celebrate your favorite sports games. If you’re looking for creative hardscape ideas for sprucing up your yard this football season, you have come to the right place. Carolina Fresh Farms will walk you through the best outdoor hardscape ideas for creating a festive, cozy environment in the comforts of your own backyard.

1. Fire Pit or Outdoor Fireplace

If you want to create a cozy environment as you and your guests watch this year’s sports games, why not enhance your yard with an outdoor fire pit. Not only do backyard fire pits provide warmth on chilly autumn evenings, but they create a relaxed setting for your guests to lounge in. Fire pits are extremely easy to make using our fire pit kits or can easily be constructed out of natural stone. Also, at our outlets, we have outdoor fireplace kits that are a great addition to a backyard patio or porch. Click here to learn more.

Photo Credit: Veterans Landscaping LLC

Photo Credit: Veteran’s Landscaping LLC

Photo Credit: Green Hill Landscaping – Tremron Roma Sierra Paver Patio and Fire Pit Kit

2. Outdoor Kitchen and Grill

A tailgating party just wouldn’t be the same without a backyard grill for serving all your stadium favorites. No matter what your tailgating menu looks like, an outdoor cooktop area allows you to grill your favorite dishes without running back and forth to your indoor kitchen. One of the easiest ways to make a tailgating party a success is to set up a grill station with all of your grilling accessories. Depending on the size of your backyard and patio, you may also consider constructing an outdoor kitchen in your yard. Outdoor kitchens come in a range of designs, varying from small backyard cooktops to large outdoor dining areas. Photographed below is a project that was in progress to really complete this homeowner’s outdoor kitchen and living area.

Photo Credit: Tranquil Escapes, LLC

3. Lounging Area

A comfortable lounging space is essential for hosting a successful tailgating party. From benches around a fire pit to bar-top seating in an outdoor kitchen, the options for creating a cozy lounging area are practically endless. Always make sure the seats have an excellent view of the game and are not too close nor too far from the sound system. Depending on the weather during your tailgating party, you may need to place the seats under a covered patio or awning to ensure a comfortable experience for all your guests. At Carolina Fresh Farms we have natural stone or paves that can be used to create your outdoor lounging area.

Kyle Keesling – Creative Outdoor Designs

Photo Credit: Veterans Landscaping LLC

4. Outdoor TV

Installing an outdoor TV is another incredibly important step for hosting a backyard tailgating party. As you decide where to install the outdoor TV and sound system, be sure the screen can be viewed from several different angles. To ensure neighbors aren’t bothered by the noise, consider placing multiple landscape speakers throughout your yard. By installing several speakers, your guests can hear the play-by-play of the game without having to blast the sound system. In this project, there was an outdoor fireplace and a mount all in place for an outdoor TV. Once again our combination of natural stone and other products creates a great environment for outdoor entertainment.

Photo Credit: Carolinas Fireplace and Outdoor Solutions

5. Hardscape Flower Beds

Appearance is everything when creating a festive, enjoyable backyard space. If you want to give your yard a bright, cheerful appearance, consider designing a hardscape flower bed. Raised beds, edging stones and retaining walls are just a few ways to include hardscapes in your backyard garden. Additionally, paver borders may be used to separate your backyard flower beds from your patio or walkway.

Photo Credit: Green Hill Landscaping – Tennessee Fieldstone Finger Boulders used for boulders, walls, and stair treads.

Carolina Fresh Farms carries an assortment of various hardscape materials from Tremron and Keystone. Our hardscape supplies include pavers as well as natural stone from quarries throughout the East Coast. If you’re interested in having someone else build a hardscape project for you, we have relationships with reputable landscapers throughout the state that we can refer you to.

No matter what your backyard looks like, there are countless hardscape ideas for making your tailgating party a success. Not only will these ideas guarantee an enjoyable tailgating event, but they will enhance your yard’s appearance this autumn season. We welcome you to come visit one of our Carolina Fresh Farm outlets to discover all of the possibilities for a gorgeous landscape.

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